Finding Love in the Looking Glass: A Book of Counselling Case Stories, (2014) London, Karnac.  Now with: Routledge, (Taylor Francis Group).

Description:   Never has there been such a hunger to understand relationships; with our self and others. There are valuable insights in these dynamic dialogues between clients and their counsellor. Although the clients are entirely fictitious, they become totally real and easy to connect with as the reader is taken deeper into the unfolding intimacy of the counselling room. A variety of interventions are used but what is most instrumental in empowering the clients is the relationship that develops with themselves. These clients show us how we can successfully overcome outdated survival patterns and make effective new choices that work for us. The four topics covered are: Anorexia including issues about cultural identity; Relationship Breakdown including themes about boarding schools, class and cultural differences; Depression including suicidal ideation; Cocaine Addiction stemming from childhood sexual abuse.  An introduction explains the structure and professional requirements of a counsellor; a brief outline of the themes precedes each case story and there is an appendix of useful books, articles and online information. From 35 years of experience as a counsellor, supervisor and Head of a University Counselling Service, the author shows how she has used her particular style of brief counselling to enable and witness this remarkable process.

Contributor of a Chapter in the book: Learning Journeys with the Labyrinth@ Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education. Part III: Campus and Community, Chapter 16: ‘Creating a Space for Play: A Counsellor’s Perspective’. Palgrave, (May, 2016). A book edited by Professor Bernard Moss and Dr. Jan Sellers.

Short Stories:

Forthcoming 2019: Standing on Strong Shoulders,


Tales from the Counselling Room,  (2015). Therapy Today(April, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp.16-17).

And Now For a Walk in the Park, (2011). AUCC Journal, (September).

The Canterbury Labyrinth, (2010). AUCC Journal, (May).

The Arms of the Labyrinth, (2009). The Labyrinth Society Journal, (July).

The Tempestuous Birth of Harca, (2004). Bob Up And Down (short version), HARCA, (September). HARCA, Harbledown and Rough Common Association (long version), Harbledown Occasional Papers No.1), (December).

Bringing Case Notes Alive. (2001). British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, (June).

Four Seasons on Campus. (1999). Association for University and College Counsellors Journal, (August).

Poems published in: Letters From the Soul (1993)Equal Writers (1999), Statement for the Prosecution (2005), HARCA (2007), Did I Tell You (2010), Kingston Whig Standard (2012), The New Writer (No.112, 2012), Shortlisted for Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2017 and published in the Canterbury Poet of the Year Anthology, (2017). 

Lyrics for songs performed by the Maridadi Singers in Canterbury Cathedral.

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